404 Views: Psychological Distress, And Chills!

This is a supernatural horror film / cinema every week at this time. Bollywood supernatural thriller rain and the fans are kind of like it! After 3D and multimedia Haunted Ragini, now you have supernatural thriller directed by 404 Prawaal Raman, who previously gave us Darna Mana Hai, Darna Zaroori Hai and Gayab.

intriguing film title is the name of a hotel room for new medical students Abhimanyu (Rajvvir Arorae) remains. Abhimanyu has joined a DIMS prestigious medical institution. Faces the campus bullies and tries to resist their brutal initiation rites. A non-believer in the paranormal Abhimanyu, is intrigued when he realizes that the hotel room number 404 has been lying shut for three years. Since this unfortunate incident a student committed suicide due to hazing, the room is said to be haunted by the spirit of the student.

Abhimanyu reasons, with staff to let him stay in the room. He encourages the well-known psychiatrist and lecturer, Professor Aniruddha (Nishikant Kamath), writing a thesis is not paranormal. The objective is to demonstrate that what we call paranormal experiences hallucinations and mind games. The interesting thing is professor of suffering with bipolar disorder, encounters with the paranormal in their own way. Or is he?

Abhimanyu is the challenge of staying in room no. 404, pushed higher by students Chris (Imaad Shah). But as the days pass, Abhimanyu finds his faith in science and rationality are not as rock-steady as before. Strange meetings take place, it is sure to give chills to the audience. Abhimanyu is really seeing a ghost, or his mind playing tricks? This forms the core of the film. The story drags a bit in the second half, but recovered quickly to reveal a stunning twist in the final. The Open final leaves a strong impact.

Prawaal Raman history wants the viewer to question their own beliefs and challenge them. The film questions the existence of paranormal hallucinations cons to different stages. Not one to spoon-feed the viewer, management Raman expects the viewer to pay attention to appreciate what the film has to offer. Despite the film is largely a psychological thriller, he plunged into the semi-horror category, and there are moments that will scare you.

Technically the film is a fun begins with cinematography (Savita Singh) at the base score (Imaad Shah). The performance really highlight film. Cooker Rajvvir Arorae provides a candid, honest performance. Nishikant Kamath who directed the incredible and fast Mumbai Meri Jaan Dombivli prove equally formidable as an actor. Imaad Shah is shy and quiet intensity. Tisca Chopra is fabulous, as always.

Prawaal Raman give a new spin thriller / horror genre expertly folding the two. Must look for those looking for intelligent, immersing the supernatural thriller.

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