Murder 2 - Movie Review

Emraan Hashmi...... Arjun
Jacqueline Fernandez...... Priya
Yana Gupta...... Special Appearance
Prashant Narayanan...... Dheeraj
Sudhanshu Pandey
Sandeep Sikand
Shweta Kawatra...... Guest Appearance
Sulagna Panigrahi...... Reshma

Finally, the wait is over and the field Bhatt's new film, "Murder 2" has hit the big screen in the world. We still remember the romance, suspense, action, suspense and Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat starrer "Murder". Guess the title, there is nothing like the prequel and extension. In the post-Mallika Sherawat has been replaced by Jacqueline Fernandez. Manuscript of "Murder 2" is close to any of the original. Instead of "Murder 2" is inspired by a Korean film called Chaser.

Examine the past box-office success of "Murder," "Murder 2" is looked upon with great anticipation. We still remember the sequence erotic sex between Emraan and Mallika, intriguing plot, unusual texture and sharp songs.

Set in Goa, "Murder 2 'brings back its exotic beaches, tourist sites and sunbathing. In this film plays Emraan HAAT a former policeman named Arjun Bhagwat Jacquline while playing his beloved. It is a model named Priya. He makes his living working for the gangsters and retailers of meat. Priya loves with all his heart, but he sees it as her true love and takes her to be his friend, the sex, its use for fun.

Arjun has been given the task of finding some unidentified meat girls called Sameer vendor. At the same time to investigate, Arjun believes that all the girls call is connected to a particular number of cells, the number is registered in the name of Dheeraj (Prashant Narayan). Only a scam to get caught, and an antagonist Dheeraj, Arjun will send a girl for a particular customer. Reshma (Sulagna Panigrahi) college student who takes going into prostitution to support his family is trapped in a rope.

An unexpected event, and both Arjun and Dheeraj was arrested and imprisoned in the same cabinet. Dheeraj accepts his crime, and Arjun find all the evidence against Dheeraj and find the way forward Reshma.

After an intense love making scene between Arjun and Priya, the story progresses, it can be deeper and reveal the many hidden facts exciting.

"Murder", directed by Anurag Basu was a blockbuster, so a great responsibility was placed on the shoulder of director Mohit Suri to make the film not only interesting, but to remove the script from the prequel to the public spirit and set a new benchmark with "Murder 2 '.

So now the question is, is a successor has been able to create a new record. It would be wrong to say that "Murder 2 'was able to win the hearts of the audience and drive-up to their expectations. Wait for the founder, 'Hall-E-Dil "by Harshit Saxena and AA Zara an item number by Yana Gupta, other tracks on the album could not impressed much. However, the plot was able to live a mark in the public mind. Ravi Walia's cinematography is first class. The manuscript is sparkling and the tempo high.

Speaking of performance, has Emraan Hashmi his best again. He played his role perfectly and pure performance. Prashant Narayan has also delivered its best. It was fantastic and interesting to watch. Jacquline Fernandez manages to look hot and sexy. Sulagna Panigrahi is fine. Sudhanshu Pandey, Sandiip Sikcand, shweta Kawatra rails.

In summary, the Bhatt camp has provided a gripping story of crime. He was able to live up to expectations of "murder." The film will not disappoint the public. One thing that surely will be missed and is "Hoth Tere Bheege."



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