The Special Guest in the Bodyguard Item song!

Whether a particular aspect or an order number, we all know that producers and directors like to keep things under wraps until the right moment to reveal the extra special guest star in the film. Bodyguard to the next with Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor was the first mystery that would make the article number in the film. Rumors circulated that it would be Katrina Kaif and finally, the news was confirmed that the song would indeed be a function of Kat with Salman Khan in a special edition of the film. However, the plot thickens and we have a new mystery, because we learned that there is another aspect of the song!

So who is this special guest? We can reveal that Salman real life bodyguard Shera is now part of the song much talked about the situation with Salman and Katrina! Yes, Salman has not only honored his bodyguards to ask him to unveil the first look of his films, but Shera will be part of the soundtrack of "Bodyguard Item Song" video of the film. For the first time a superstar n has never done anything like this and gave his bodyguard reason.

Shera confirms: "Yes, I shot a song Salman Khan and this feels like magic. Salman Bhai is a huge star, and someone like him your trust in me is nothing short of a miracle. Front from around the world, said that this is my most trusted man. Not cool is that? "

Not only appearing in the video, but will also Shera dancing and grooving with her Salman. Sources close to indicate that Shera was a bit worried about the pass. "This is the first time; I will be in front of the camera with Salmanbhai point to this song. He just showed me some dance moves, and I did a lot of rehearsals before the final set. It was scary and I was nervous. I will never forget this experience, "said Shera

Shera is openly talked about how he is also very close to the family Khan and the relationship of great respect for each person with them.

"I never write a book by Salman Bhai, This is an idea that never came to mind. I cannot break his confidence. He said all this in jest, and I want to continue like this." Shera said, when asked about actor Salman comment Doom would face if Shera never written a book about him, which could reveal all their secrets.
Check out these exclusive images of the song!
Salman Khan | Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan | Katrina Kaif


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