Imraan Khan - Kush Agnihotri

Katrina Kaif - Dimple Dixit

Ali Zafar - Luv Agnihotri

John Abraham - Special appearance

Tara D'Souza

Kanwaljeet Singh

Parikshat Sahni

Mahru Sheikh



MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN isn't stale or corny, but it's humble and truthful, so much so that this could be the story of somebody you know. Thanks to a well-directed cast, glittering script and a glowing soundtrack, this is easily one of the most cheering movies from the foremost production house.
Kush [Imran Khan] is looking for the perfect Indian bride for his brother Luv [Ali Zafar], who halts in London. In his quest, Kush goes through an array of crazy meetings with several families until he finally discoveries that faultless girl in Dimple [Katrina Kaif], the silliest / craziest girl he has ever known.
Both the relations meet. Bureaucracies are completed. Arrangements proceed in full slap. And just then Kush falls in love with Dimple... his brother's Dulhan.
On retrospection, if somebody were to tell you that the story of the film is about a guy who falls in love with the bride he has chosen for his brother, you'd expect lots of melodrama and an undercurrent of tension after a point in the narrative. I'd say, ignore all the nagging misconceptions or preconceived notions you may have had about MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN. Venture into the Cineplex with an open mind and trust me, as the reels unfold, you'll realize that the film is not like what you may have envisioned prior to its screening. It makes wonderful sense!
Most rom-coms follow the conventional route. You know how they start, what's in store in the middle and how they usually end. They don't really challenge the intellect, frankly. But there's a twist in the tale in MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN that catches you by surprise. Sure, it's about two guys liking the same girl -- a formula that's done to death -- but even if the theme has been used and re-used time and again, there's always scope that the next man who attempts it may treat it slightly differently. Thankfully, MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN has the conventional plot, but isn't conventional in the true sense. And it's definitely not the been-there-seen-that kind of a movie either.
On the flip side, MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN has its share of few predictable moments in its second hour. Actually, the graph of the film dips, albeit slightly, in the post-interval portions. The problem is, the first hour is so high on entertainment quotient that you expect the second hour to supersede the first by leaps and bounds. Lots seem to happen in the post-interval portions, but the episodes aren't as exciting as the first hour, which is why you feel the difference. However, the finale throws a new twist, which may appear stretched to some, but is likeable nonetheless.
First-time director Ali Abbas Zafar has complete grasp over the medium and has preserved each scene delightfully well. Besides, he has drawn admirable presentations from the principal characters. Treatment comic acts are one tough job, but Ali seems to have a flair for it. MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN has a winner of a soundtrack. Expectedly, the songs, composed by Sohail Sen, stress on the fun quotient that compliments the mood of this film. The songs are urbane-friendly, yet massy, with 'Dhunki', 'Choomantar', 'Madhubala' and the title track being excellent compositions. I would also like to make a special mention of the choreography of these songs [Bosco-Caesar]. It's truly eye-catching. Sudeep Chatterjee's cinematography is vibrant.

The performances are easy on the eyes. The unlikely chemistry between Katrina and Imran coupled with Ali Zafar's impeccable comic timing keeps you glued to the screen. Imran, frankly, seems the apt choice for this role and he more than lives up to it. Katrina is only getting better and more endearing with every release. Ali Zafar is a supremely talented actor and this film proves it yet again.
Tara D'Souza does a fine job. Parikshit Sahni and Kanwaljeet Singh are truly wonderful. The actor who plays Imran's friend is natural. John Abraham appears in a cameo.
On the whole, MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN is an attractively wholesome, heartening, feel-good entertainer. Not just a comedy, but also a tender, bittersweet saga, this rom-com is sure to melt your heart, then restore it anew all over again. Yet another winner from Yash Raj!


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