RA ONE Movie Review

 Director: Anubhav Sinha
Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor

 Pataka? Article? Tota? A player takes a few words about the half of a beautiful girl occasionally, until it was covered in the above: chammak Challo. Shah Rukh Khan eyes light blue superhero, Kareena Kapoor turns red sari, and start dancing the song of Akon Bharatnatyam dancers inspired Russian mini-skirts. Yes, it is this kind of movie, where everything happens at once. Amitabh Bachchan is a part of the voiceover Rajinikanth, Chitti, the robot exhibits G. A superhero Shah Rukh, how to turn your sunglasses, artist Subodh Gupta painting clothes, and even friends Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra to act by a juvenile joke, playing characters in games where the star can beat Bruce's sisters iSki called Lee Lee, Lee and Lee Uski Sabki. Even if you cringe at Shah Rukh Tamil Hindi accent and curd noodle room to act, hoping his curly wig falls on your plate, you realize that it is a big party and everyone is invited.

Welcome to the Open House a great movie. Shah Rukh is the host and he will ensure that the VFX © s canapés delivered at regular intervals; cup feelings considered complete, and there are enough sermons on the care-what-you-want-here you can take home as presents system the backup. This is the film industry, rather than a noble passion, but the great pleasure, not a magic show for the event marathon, but it's manageable. No effort is spared. Shah Rukh walks sideways in Mumbai local train, the engine stops with his bare hands, the cost of electricity, up to slap his ass heroine, and adheres to the chest. Among the vehicles to throw his nemesis, recently escaped from a video game, dance like Michael Jackson, and to quote V. Shantaram, superhero moves between the digital and the real world, London and Chennai, and the burial of a Christian prayer, a Hindu.

I think some lessons here to be a citizen of the world, and Shahrukh Khan fan of hyperactive child will certainly benefit from it, but it would have been nice to see more plowing with a Volkswagen bus a lot more red. But yes, I know, this is a superhero with a heart and lada goliyon IF Nah, DIL SE jeet jati hai. The special effects work, but not always applied uniformly throughout the film. The cool blue superhero suit metal does not always appear on the screen. And hey, Arjun Rampal, really needs to stop grit their teeth at the same time providing a dialogue intimidating. We are not afraid, because we can not understand. Shah Rukh throws himself on a huge and just the buildings, leaping into the air and landing on his feet, even Kareena Kapoor in her arms. Faced with a relentless energy, we surrender. It should be ', Shah Rukh, Forget it. In the words of your own super hero, you did well.

RATING: * * *


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