Bebo Self-confident about Upcoming Movie Bodyguard

Kareena Kapoor
With Ajay, Kareena is not very optimistic these days about his next film Bodyguard. She is super excited to work with Salman Khan again and have a hunch that this film will be a super hit. Unlike Shahnaaz aunt, who is convinced that Sallu and Bebo is a coupling bummer, like all their previous films have flopped, Bebo is very positive about the movie becomes a super hit. She believes that, ultimately, both working in a film with a story that the audience genuinely interested and not sleep. Moreover, with films of Salman do well at the box office these days Bebo feels she has nothing to worry about now. If his sis Karisma more could give many a hit with Salman, who is safe and Bebo, which has emerged as the star between the two sisters.
small pet Mamu
Usually people are either the father or a girl like me the boy's mother, but confidence in Imran Khan is different because, according to all my friends, is the son of Mamu. But this makes me wonder if Imran is not good because I have a strong feeling that Mamu Jaan loves himself more than his nephew. Why else would hog all the spotlight during the promotion of Delhi Belly and make all the speeches on this promotional opportunities for the poor air Imraan any chance to promote themselves? Although I think Aamir is a bit 'unfair Imran, my mother believes that he is not doing anything wrong, because nobody can remember the last time a bad Imran has been a success, and the film really well Aamir acts as a bait to attract the audience will watch a movie theater. Since then, Imran, and can shine. Hmm ... My mother seems to have second thoughts is right, as always.

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