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The Indipopbollywood movie review of Ready. Salman Khan can do crazy things for a movie. With so little like cheating on your butt or not so subtle push the pelvis Dhinka Chika, may relieve a song and make you momentarily forget - like Aamir Khan Ghajini - the film that look no damn conspiracy. In the list, when Salman neck jerking, grab the collar, slips on his glasses Dabangg style in the back of his shirt and proceeds to beat the bad guys summarily black and blue, the plebeian nobility in theaters reacts with strong wolf whistles. Some even go into a makeshift staff in the hallway. And when Salman bhai (without bhai for girls, of course!) Removes his shirt and shows the muscle which has become the sweat in the gym, while the director and screenwriter of the film was at work, leaving women Janta licking their chops. Hot dogs to the devil!

However, Salman Salman is not Superman. How long can you keep a shirt or turn your muscles. If the script is going after plumbing the depths of stupidity, to appear as the Oscars Razzies, what can a beautiful star with fresh and Swagger to do? You can play at the same time and occasionally try to escape the clutches of writing crazy and amuse the public. Surely not on lists, but not often enough to merit a review ripsnorting.

Size Ready, Salman Khan makes a transparent attempt to discredit his character as "self-control" is the mantra of his new works. He plays Prem Kapoor, a rich man, happy family, and Hum Aapke You Kaun-type. He loves to combine the fans who have been forced to marry someone else, like their parents. So ready to leave, we are blitzed with cameos by Zarina Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt and Kangana Ranaut. Done and dusted these appearances, the film proceeds to tell the story of a girl named Sanjana (Asin) tries to escape the greedy clutches of his two uncles who want to marry their children by force, to Rs. 200 crore will be Sanjana legacy of his dead mother.

Escape from his uncles, Sanjana Kapoor in the house and pretend Prem's Bride-to-be. When it comes to the truth Prem is already in love with her and devices a plan to save her from her greedy uncles. The following is stupid and childish madness and destruction that the Gendarme and for hours before the director Anees Bazmee show little pity for moviegoers and draw the curtains.

And for those itching to know if the loan is really funny here're some cases Bazmee brand of humor: a pretentious son of a gift is humiliated by pulling his pants down, the wicked hunt Prem wet by rain-wetting nature of the call answer urchins in their balcony, a bad break in momentum to fart, then resume hunting, family Prem pushing each other in a pool and his father (Mahesh Manjrekar) critical "woh Ho Gaya Hai Geela more.
Star: * * *
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