Shaitan Movie Review

Rajit Kapoor
Rajeev Khandelwal
Kalki Koechlin
Pawan Malhotra
Shiv Pandit
Gulshan Devaiya
Neil Bhoopalam
Kirti Kulhari


Shaitan Movie
Adolescents in Bollywood films are usually lucky to have a disposable income, fancy wheels and a life that makes you forget your (strong attraction for most films in recent times). Them in "Satan" confirm the above, do not confirm a limited dose of cocaine and has a healthy appetite for destruction. While some may blame the parents for lack of ass-slapping in childhood, what is really at the pump and unwarranted fear mad in the veins of the youth of today are the games that could be included in the Olympics in the future, Angry Bird! Or not?

The film has 5 friends, Amrita / Amy (Kalki Koechlin), Dushyant / Dash (Pandit Shiv), Zubin (Neil Bhoopalam), Karan / KC (Gulshan Devaiya) and Tanya Sharma (Kirti Kulhari). Apart from Dash, who works in a cafe, the rest belong to wealthy families. So, as the richest teens of age and decay, are partying on yachts, take a beating in a bathing suit, go cruising in the city of Hummers and enjoy all those things I've seen in the promotions.

Now, one particular thing to note, that causes the most unexpected events in this film, is inexplicable, and often the wrong flight during the wrath of the most trivial things. So the boy is seen chatting with Tanya and competition venue KC and his face hit the ground. KC loves Tanya? KC is a protective? KC is seen kissing another girl right next scene! So, KC loves whipping up people for fun?

In addition, the deformed child of Amy is a striking resemblance to the little child "Ring", which takes different things to black crayon and then knock it down furiously. The only difference is that the boy was in possession of, and Amy is very clinically depressed.

The crux of this story is an accident due to road rage, our intrepid five push some to resort to extreme measures of concealment. And try to discover the horrible truth is inspector Arvind Mathur (Rajeev Khandelwal), who is angry because he has been suspended. However, aware of how bad that criminals have succumbed to the unprecedented anger in the past, the Commissioner of Police (Pawan Malhotra) calls for a matter of national importance. He is assisted by police obedient and righteous (Nikhil Chinappen).

Now we head towards the two latitudes. Arvind is one of the wild-goose drive to trace missing teenagers (who have kidnapped myself) and the adventures of Zombieland (five to be fearless in a passionate five). As the intensity of the story becomes murky dark, Arvind marital turmoil in the song that gives one pause, but it is not well developed given sufficient consideration. This revision does not need to figure out if the inspector Arvind cracks in it or what happens, and Dirty Rotten pranksters. This is clear, however.

The film gets top marks for style. visual target accompanied by a great soundtrack to provide a visual dream experience. "Hawa Hawaii" tickle the ears with soft, while the wonderful version of "khoya khoya Chand" facilitating their senses, the visual balance of disturbing violence.

None of the actors shine above the others, while the character seems a little too Kalki written than others. With the producer of patient support for the project, it is hardly a surprise. Rajeev Khandelwal drawers as an honest cop who is not angry or convincing young and heroic. Perhaps the fact that it ditches the "VALUE Khakh tee Polo (conditional mean uniforms) off his character.

Campaigns "Satan" is about the devil inside all of us. But is it really trash the people who are not bad and only end up in crime as well randomly turns around and singing. Where is the devil in this world, is a red bird slingshots same spell doom for the pigs.

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